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The Festival proudly represents the North African people.
Talents & performances at the height of the historical heritage
Cinema is the most powerful tool to highlight the people who shaped our lives
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About the festival.

The festival project reflects the development of North African countries in terms of the rights of indigenous people and the use of the image to speak about themselves. Also, it presents itself as a factor of social appeasement and harmonious integration in Canada. Do not neglect its role as a barrier against ignorance and fundamentalism. With the help of our partners, we organized the first edition on September 30, 2017 and the second edition in October 2018.

The Festival

Everything about FIFAM previous editions

We are currently working on the organization of the next 2021 edition, and before the event there will be a screening next April.


Free accreditations are reserved for journalists covering the festival. Other journalists and cinema professionals can have access to FIFAM accreditation for the symbolic sum of 50 CAD.


All awards and other distinctions and awards will be published here.

Previous Editions

Real estate broker since 2007, a professional with several awards of distinction.

The first edition of FIFAM 1st INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AMAZIGH DE MONTREAL (FIFAM) ON September 30, 2017 AT CINEMATHEQUE QUEBECOISE. The edition was sponsored by the famous Algerian actor Faouzi SAICHI who was born on April 9, 1951 in Aïn Sefra, Algeria. He has lived in Algiers since the age of 6. He had his first experience in the world of cinema in 1974 with the film Leila and the others. Several distinctions will mark his long career, notably the Prize for male interpretation, obtained in 1982 at the Carthage Festival in Tunisia, for the film Un to it, under famille by Rabah Laradj. His filmography shows that he was an essential actor in Algerian cinema, also in great demand by foreign filmmakers.

Building on the public and media success of the first edition and sponsored by Belkacem Hadjadj, one of the most prolific and recognized Amazigh filmmakers, the second edition of FIFAM took place from October 5 to 6, 2018, at Concordia University in Montreal. In all, ten films, all genres combined, are offered to Montreal audiences, including a series of short films by young Amazigh’s. This new edition will be marked by several innovations. In addition to the change of location, which offers a beautiful and comfortable room equipped to the cinematographic standards of the prestigious Concordia University, we note the introduction of a competition of short films whose winners will be distinguished by a Maple Sugar Shack and money.


Today in the age of the image, legion are the Amazigh directors who embark on the enterprise of self-representation, often without help and without promotion spaces which remain subject to official ideologies. In light of this, an ambitious team that dedicates time and effort voluntarily to allow our filmmakers international visibility as a sign of reward for their efforts to translate into imagination the imagination, needs, dreams and the aspirations of these people in order to leave traces for the new generations.

Our Partners

We thank all our partners who supported us in organizing the 2017 & 2018 editions, and who always supports us to make FIFAM the festival of North African people but also an essential event of cinema in general.

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